In a moment I will make the bread.
The practice: to be wholly present
To the work–
To touch the flour
Not thinking of tomorrow.
To measure the yeast
Free from worry, guilt, and yearning,
Envying not other’s joy,
While thinking not enough for me.
To pour the water
And suffer in my body
Mother earth’s tears of mourning,
Bear such suffering should it come.
To add the salt
As sweat of presence to
Each moment’s holding
Of solidarity, and not to flee.
To make of the kneading
A weaving of wholeness
From all the parts.
And to it all
remember gratitude.
In this moment of breadmaking,
Can I partake in the joy of
Being here in simple kitchen
And nowhere else wishing to be?
Can I share in your
sweet sorrow bourn
in my own life, holding us all together.
Can I breathe in
while breathing in,
Make bread
while making bread?

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