Sharings from the Lectio

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The Lectio

Do you think you can only find God in one way? Then, consider this. You cannot find God in any particular way, since God isn’t bound to this way or that. So, don’t desire the way, but rather the One who is the way, and when you do this, you’ll find that every way leads to God because every way is God. But you will only come to know this if you truly abandon yourself. Meister Eckhart

Sharings from the Lectio

When we are nothing,
There is nothing but God.
And anything else is ourself at work–
Our personal salvation project.

Take up your cross and relax.
Fully let go
So that God can inhabit the soul,
Which God longs to do.
When you cling to nothing,
Everything is for you.

Rather than take a walk,
Give yourself to a walk.
In fact, give yourself to the silence,
To the Love in the silence.

And I don’t know who said this,
“If God is with us in trouble,
Then give me more trouble.”

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