How do I say this?
That we are always walking
On sacred ground,
Drinking the sacred water;
That some things are best
Left alone
So the balance can be maintained.

There is this Sabbath of Being,
A wisdom in cessation,
Of knowing
When enough is enough,
So the earth too can rest from us
And enjoy its life.

We need to observe a perpetual sabbath
From our blustering about, all the
To-ing and fro-ing of control, of searching
For esteem, of making security an idol.
This religion of the ceaseless machine that
never lets us off.

It is no longer adequate
To be reciting creeds.
We need the holy work
Of carrying the bread
Of our worship over the lintel,
Out into the plaza,
Of combining our remembrance with reality
Finding the Presence therein
And making the world a temple.

And then?
Maybe just sitting in the pew
Of a sunlit day.


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