Now Here Is Something Very Simple

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Now here is something very simple.
I bear within me both the finite and the infinite.
I live in time and eternity.
I will die and I never will die.
I am in God and God is in me,
And this has always been so
And is so with everything and everyone.
Since God is One we are all one in God.

And here is something else that is very simple.
To see like this is to see with contemplative eyes.
The contemplative speaks the truth about God and God’s creation.
But not everyone sees the truth.
Even though we all are looking for the truth, it alludes us.
But this truth is not relative.
It is real truth.

We have yet to awaken to the truth, to live in this higher consciousness.
Pilate asks, “What is truth?”
The truth of the matter before him is that Jesus and he are one.
But Pilate cannot see that.
He is a victim of imperial thinking.
He is a victim of the real “fake news.”

Everything said that does not in some way flow from the truth of our oneness
Is ”fake news.”
We swirl around in fake news hurling judgment and condemnation
Trying to get the upper hand and maintain it.
Fake news is the lie on which empires come and go.
And what is imperial power but the lie of our separateness
Lived out on a grand scale with all the isms that give rise to empire:
Racism, sexism, militarism, consumerism, tribalism, and to all the ways
Some lord it over others.

And here is something else that is very simple to understand
But very hard to implement.
The contemplative vision is the Good News.
The Good News is the real news.
It is the news that gives birth to the Reign of God.
To envision us all as one is the bedrock of the Reign of God.
It is the beginning of wisdom.
Every single action founded in wisdom
Contributes to a just world and a peaceful world.
The simplicity of the Good News lies in a contemplative vision.
To get free of the cycle of fake news we need contemplative eyes.

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