Do you want some advice?
Probably not. Well,
Maybe it’ll just come back to me.
I can use it too…

For some time every day
Put your phone away
Give your thumbs a rest.
Have a risky conversation,
Face to face
A heart-to heart.
Thinking as you go.
No composing before you push send.

That phone on the table
Signals,” I’m a multitasker,
I’ll pick up the thread. Just keep it light.”
It also says, oh so soothingly,
“You need never be bored.”

We’re in but out, near but far,
Connected, as they say.
Attending one party
Asking about another,
We’re never really anywhere,
While wanting to be everywhere.
Go there, and you won’t be there.

Look Daddy,
I’m swinging.
Oh Daddy,
Talk to me.
Hello Mommy,
I’m falling into an abyss, and
No one is listening.

Lest we forget
The real context
Is not the text.

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