Standing in the
Midst of Grace

Essays on living in Christ Consciousness

The Christian life, viewed through the lens of consciousness has different levels, each with its own corresponding worldview and image of God. In Standing in the Midst of Grace, Robert Thiefels draws from current theology, Catholic social teaching, ongoing scientific revelation, Scripture, and the Christian mystical tradition. He extends an invitation to both lay people and pastors to view the Christian life from the perspective of the consciousness of Jesus. Written from the margins of the institutional church, this work challenges readers to embark on their own journey to spiritual maturity.



“We are loved unconditionally! Many religious believers know that, and many struggle to internalize its revolutionary consequences. This is where Robert Thiefels’ book, Standing in the Midst of Grace, becomes a timely and valuable resource. It spells out the shift in consciousness that needs to be undertaken, embracing creation at large, as well as every person we encounter. ”

Diarmuid O'MurchuAuthor, Quantum Theology: Spiritual Implications of the New Physics

“Robert Thiefels provides a map to guide our steps. Standing in the Midst of Grace is a refreshing and challenging study ­­­­­— one that I warmly recommend.”

Wilfrid J. Harrington OPAuthor, Hold on to Hope: The Foolishness of God

“Robert Thiefels combines the heart of a poet with the mind of a psychologist and theologian. He brings together some of best thinking of contemporary minds with some of the deepest insights from our ancient traditions. He offers a spirituality that is not a path of escape, but a journey of personal and social transformation.”

Brain D. McLaren Author, The Great Spiritual Migration

“Thiefels' Horizon is large-scale. While he is focused on "the new psychology" rooted in spirituality, he ducks none of the urgent questions of political economy. His framing of the discussion of the urgent questions we must take up is helpful; he keeps in purview the old, our children, and other creatures with whom we belong.”

Walter BrueggemannAuthor: Hold on to Hope: The Foolishness of God

“I found myself being illuminated and deeply spiritually moved by Robert Thiefels' book. It masterfully weaves psychology, deep consciousness and spiritual meditation to a fresh reading of scripture.”

John A. Coleman S.J.Author: One Hundred Years of Catholic Social Thought

“Standing in the Midst of Grace is a timely work. While Thiefels' language is accessible to the general reader, it remains powerful enough to stir the professional. This book can serve as a sort of bridge supporting our transition from a Newtonian viewpoint to a time-developmental one.”

Albert J. LaChance, PhDAuthor: The Third Covenant

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About the author

Robert Thiefels holds an MSW from the University Of Michigan School Of Social Work and an MA, CAS in Theology from St. Michael’s College in Colchester, Vermont. He was an Adjunct Professor in Religious Studies and the Graduate Theology program at St. Michael’s College. He is also a carpenter and cabinet maker.