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The origin of the title to my blog space originates in this beautiful short passage from the Native American song above. Although I do not spend a great deal of time in self-pity, I know that I am being carried by the Wind (The Spirit of God) across the sky. There is a sense in this of great expanses, and with God the expanse stretches infinitely. There is also this sense for me that nothing, absolutely nothing, is excluded. All of us together are being carried into a future of oneness, of an experience of our unity, of our sisterhood and brotherhood in Christ. This is our heritage, this is our destiny. This future begins now in every action of loving kindness we perform. This is a conscious practice that begins in our own suffering. Our own pain, if it does not close our heart in bitterness and self-pity, can open our heart in compassion to the suffering of others.

From time to time I will post new writings pertaining to a number of spiritual concerns. Most of these writings are the fruit of a daily practice of meditation, reading and reflection on the reading. Often whatever comes to mind. This is why I end up writing on one thing one day and another the next time around. I write about what is generating energy at the moment, and the writing flows. If I try and start with some vague idea and write about that, I end up in my head; and the writing is blocked.

When I taught Freshman Seminar on the college level, which was essentially a writing/seminar course, I urged my students to simply start writing; don’t even wait for those so-called significant and wondrous thoughts to occur. Just exercise the muscle of free-flowing writing. It was very hard for them to actually do this. Things had to somehow be right the first time out of the gate. My own belief in all of this is that it is easier to go back and edit something that you have already written then it is to try and make perfect each thought before you put it down on paper.

Once again, welcome.

Bob Thiefels

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