Carried Across The Sky

Sometimes I go about pitying myself while I am carried by the wind across the sky

Rocking Chair

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I am one who likes sit and dream
Or hold a child while I read to her.
I have supposed only a mother might invent a rocking chair,
To meet the need to lull a child to sleep
In an easy gentle way.
Who made this chair?
It was long ago, that I know.
Did he work long hours in a factory
with mullioned windows and dim light?
Did he take time to rock a child to sleep at night?
This chair has been with me many years.
I was the lucky one to find it
On the third floor of a Salvation Army store.
The leather seat, then torn and dusty,
is now repaired with autumn-colored plaid
To match the golden oak.
I have read my children many books in this chair
Rocked them to sleep in my arms.
That has made my life and theirs
Something worth living.

Surrender Dorothy

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The wicked witch skywriting on her broom–
Surrender Dorothy–
Hardly seems aware
Of the Love that wants to
carry her above the cloudy horizon,
The Love that Loves her preciousness while
Adorned as she is in her black dress
And pointed hat
And her own feeble power,
The One who Loves the splendor of her crooked teeth,
Sees her shining soul in the depths of
Her own hell
And cannot wait until she lands
In order to embrace her.

Remind Me to Remember

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My life is full of worries, turmoil and strife. Just yesterday when I was trying to put up a new TV antenna, I had to interrupt the work to the hardware store. I left my ladder up and the wind blew it down and damaged some shingles on the garage roof; so I have been fretting about that, even though the damage is very minor. Still it will take some precious time to replace or patch the shingle(s), and now the roof is not perfect anymore, just like a car that gets its first scratch. Trying to live with perfection in a very imperfect and finite world is a great problem for me, and it causes me no little amount of frustration. I get frustrated with the way things are, with others, and most of all with myself.

Yet in the midst of it all, I try to remember my true connection to the divine indwelling within me. And indeed I must return to that reality over and over in the prayer of touching this presence. In those moments I am reminded of why I exist, the purpose of my life, which is to awaken to my divine nature and the divine nature of everything. How easily I forget.

I have been reading once again Thomas Merton’s New Seeds of Contemplation. I am now on the chapter entitled The Gift of Understanding. My last time through I wrote this in the margins on p. 228. “…To accept the life of the Giver, without needing to or trying to possess it. There is no self to hold onto this gift; only the silent communication of receiving the life of the Giver and mirroring that life of love back.” I am grasping at understanding here, and that is fine. My reason is touched by faith, and my faith is strengthened each time I remind myself to see with awakened eyes and heart.

Right now, as I write this, I am sitting at the dining room table and looking out the window at the dawning of this new day. And, Oh my God, what a gift it is! I live by the generosity of God infinitely being given to me in and as my life and the life of everything around me. There is at this moment the squirrel high in the branches of the bare trees across the road. There are a few red clouds off on the horizon lit up by the rising sun. There is so much beauty everywhere I look, and it is all constantly poured out as the infinity of God infinitely sharing Being in and as the very being of everything. And still I need to keep reminding myself of this.

I will get drawn into the worries and cares of this day, but will I stop and remember whose I am and who I am? Can I enter through the narrow gate in my heart into the spacious rooms of a Love always present, even in my absence. That narrow gate is the gate of heaven. I am a temple of the divine presence; everything is likewise such a temple.

Lectio, Mark 14:22

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“While they were eating, he took a loaf of bread, and after blessing it he broke it, gave it to them, and said, “Take, this is my body” Mark 14:22

As a Christian, I believe that this bread truly became the body of Christ Jesus, and that the bread of the Eucharist is the true body of Christ Jesus. But there are far more bold implications for this sacrament. After all, when we receive the Eucharist, we receive it with the words, “The Body of Christ.” And we say our “Amen” to that reality.

The body of Christ is the whole cosmos, and Christ infinitely fills each and every part of the cosmos in the same way that Christ infinitely fills the bread we receive. To the Christian, this is not merely a symbol but a reality. Every atom in the cosmos is filled infinitely with the infinity of the Christ. Every atom is holographic in nature, containing within itself the infinity of the whole while also being a part of the whole. The Sufis chant, “How could I ever be less by dying. I am the ocean and the ocean is me.”

It is nice to think that there is little relation between the bread of the Eucharist and the cosmos as Eucharist–both being the real presence of Christ. That way, we can go out from our worship and rape the creation and still come back and pay reverance to the Body of Christ in the bread. The split goes right through our heart and through the heart of creation.

Blue Lines

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Seeing the blue line appear under my words
as I type
I wonder who is keeping me in line,
telling me forthrightly I have misspelled a word
Telling me how to say something differently
When maybe what I am saying is how I want to say it.
Can I go on and leave the line there?
Going boldly where no one has gone before
into an unknown future?

Who is seeding the world with this correctness?
Is there a master-mind?
A data collector?
An algorithm?
How many errors will I be allowed before
my Microsoft Word is shutdown
and I am hauled off to sit again in spelling class?
Fingered to be re-grammered?

Blue lines are appearing everywhere,
Not just on my screen,
but on the streets,
dressed in riot gear
holding batons
Faces shielded.
They seem to mean business.

Blue lines have got me wondering.

Shock and Awe

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The light shines in the darkness
Revealing its own infinity
And our incapacity to comprehend it–
The beginning of real awe.

The light shining in the darkness
Shines on our own inner darkness
As initial shock–
Revelation of our little self at work–
As invitation to awaken.

Those who walk while asleep are wasting their time…

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For them there is only the past, present, future.
They walk out of illusion into illusion
Going along but never up.

To be awake is to be aware of the vertical dimension–
Of states of being, of evolution of consciousness,
Of entering the cocoon and emerging as something new, transformed.
Leaving behind old ways of thinking and doing.

The intersection of time with eternity
Is always the now–the quality of the moment
Is measured in lightness of energy.
Bogged down in time we will not ascend.

There is nothing to find outside ourselves
We have been primed from the beginning.
The Absolute lies within
Ready to reveal our True Self to us.

We are all asleep. When we awake, the journey begins.
We ascend the ladder that leans against no particular building
But is supported by angels ascending and descending
Between heaven and earth.

Some People

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don’t have a dollar.
Their numbers keep growing.
Some don’t have a job.
Some people have three jobs
And still can’t make ends meet.
Some people have ten dollars.
Some have a hundred stashed in a box
Some have a thousand in the bank
Just trying to save
For a rainy day.
It rains a lot these days.
Some people have a thousand thousand.
That’s a million
Used to be way more than enough
Even for the rich.
Some people have a thousand million
They don’t need a job.
They live off the work of other people.
They get richer and richer
Their numbers keep growing.
The way things are going,
Someday someone’s going to reach
A thousand billion.
Maybe someday soon.
And that still wouldn’t be enough.
There’s more ways than one to be poor.

Now Here Is Something Very Simple

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Now here is something very simple.
I bear within me both the finite and the infinite.
I live in time and eternity.
I will die and I never will die.
I am in God and God is in me,
And this has always been so
And is so with everything and everyone.
Since God is One we are all one in God.

And here is something else that is very simple.
To see like this is to see with contemplative eyes.
The contemplative speaks the truth about God and God’s creation.
But not everyone sees the truth.
Even though we all are looking for the truth, it alludes us.
But this truth is not relative.
It is real truth.

We have yet to awaken to the truth, to live in this higher consciousness.
Pilate asks, “What is truth?”
The truth of the matter before him is that Jesus and he are one.
But Pilate cannot see that.
He is a victim of imperial thinking.
He is a victim of the real “fake news.”

Everything said that does not in some way flow from the truth of our oneness
Is ”fake news.”
We swirl around in fake news hurling judgment and condemnation
Trying to get the upper hand and maintain it.
Fake news is the lie on which empires come and go.
And what is imperial power but the lie of our separateness
Lived out on a grand scale with all the isms that give rise to empire:
Racism, sexism, militarism, consumerism, tribalism, and to all the ways
Some lord it over others.

And here is something else that is very simple to understand
But very hard to implement.
The contemplative vision is the Good News.
The Good News is the real news.
It is the news that gives birth to the Reign of God.
To envision us all as one is the bedrock of the Reign of God.
It is the beginning of wisdom.
Every single action founded in wisdom
Contributes to a just world and a peaceful world.
The simplicity of the Good News lies in a contemplative vision.
To get free of the cycle of fake news we need contemplative eyes.

Sharings from the Lectio

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The Lectio

Do you think you can only find God in one way? Then, consider this. You cannot find God in any particular way, since God isn’t bound to this way or that. So, don’t desire the way, but rather the One who is the way, and when you do this, you’ll find that every way leads to God because every way is God. But you will only come to know this if you truly abandon yourself. Meister Eckhart

Sharings from the Lectio

When we are nothing,
There is nothing but God.
And anything else is ourself at work–
Our personal salvation project.

Take up your cross and relax.
Fully let go
So that God can inhabit the soul,
Which God longs to do.
When you cling to nothing,
Everything is for you.

Rather than take a walk,
Give yourself to a walk.
In fact, give yourself to the silence,
To the Love in the silence.

And I don’t know who said this,
“If God is with us in trouble,
Then give me more trouble.”